So the challenge was buildings… try and do something interesting with a building (or buildings) nearby. This was the first topic with a local camera club (in Lancaster), which began with a few friends, getting together and giving each other a reason to take the cameras out an about I suppose. The targeted topics helps as it pushes you into areas you wouldn’t normally tread and helps you master the controls (and foibles) of your camera.

This first one was of the local yacht club building at Morecambe and as I had passed it a few tiomes in the car I thought… surely you could do something with that! So off i ventured late in the evening, but before the sun was starting to fade, parked the car up and strolled down the prom, before choosing the position I wanted for this particular shot.


First things first – set the tripod up, that done and the bag weighing it down against the fairly stiff breeze, I set the camera up to take a series of 3 bracketed shots, 1 stop apart  and after a final focussing check, fired it off remotely. The shots were then merged using HDR Pro. Quite pleased with the end result!

Then came the wait for the sun to go down and after moving the viewpoint around almost 90 degrees and back along the prom, waited for the sun to start colouring the clouds, before capturing the following image, I subsequently found out that a family friend’s father designed this building and a copy of this shot was framed and given to him for display.


The final shot of the three was captured at Dalton Hall Business park near Burton-in-Kendal. The old clock tower, now restored and sitting atop the archway to what was a stable block, caught my eye and this was the result. Very little post processing done here and I like the way the tiles on the roof, give away that despite the blue sky, the good old lake District weather had only just left us……


All in all an enjoyable topic…



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