Sunderland Point


Decided to try some colour-popping on this image taken at Sunderland Point. Sunderland (more commonly known as Sunderland Point) is actually a small village among the marshes, set on a windswept peninsula between the mouth of the River Lune and Morecambe Bay. It was used as a port for slave ships and cotton ships but its importance declined as other ports such as Lancaster were opened up.

The area is home to a number of boats, some in use but some, like these here simply looking abandoned on the shore, if you are in the area I would recommend you take the time to visit, there are some interesting photographic opportunities and plenty of interesting things to see as you walk around the area.

BUT… be warned the only vehicular access to the village is via a single-track road from Overton 1.5 miles (2.4 km) away, crossing a tidal marsh and can be covered by water at very high tides. This makes Sunderland unique in the United Kingdom, being the only community to be on the mainland and yet dependent upon tidal access.


If you want any more info on the area…. this link may be of use : http://www.sunderlandpoint.org/





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