The OLD way :)


Any photographer today who uses Lightroom or Photoshop will have heard many times the accusation that “Photoshop takes the skill away from the act of taking the photograph”, or “Photoshop!! Just covers up bad photography!!!” As a photographer who learned and worked through the film/darkroom era, I am constantly pointing out that, the darkroom was the original Lightroom/Photoshop and THIS IS NOTHING NEW!!!!

So I was pleased to come across this link to an article covering this… and covering it in a very informative and positive light!


Well worth a read…. concentrating on some iconic images and an insight into the workflow of old-style photographic gurus, specifically, Pablo Inirio, a master darkroom printer at  Magnum Photos in New York.

Take a look… if you are anything like me, you will find yourself nodding in full agreement… if you are in the anti-post production camp… be prepared, your argument may seem a little less stable after reading it 🙂


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